Keeping New Milford Affordable
We have taken some good first steps in the last two years.  Restructured town spending.  Hired an Economic Development Director with contacts to bring jobs and grow our grand list.  But there is more to do - we need to figure out why increased spending in our schools in the face of declining enrollment isn't resulting in better student outcomes, only more administration.  We need a strategic plan for growth and revitalization that residents are excited about and leverages our unique charm.  And we need to continue to reduce our reliance on the Landfill Settlement Fund to balance the budget.  These are the things I will continue to work on, utilizing my background and experience.
Making Infrastructure Improvements
Good infrastructure is the foundation you need to be able to improve.  Improve your financial structure.  Improve your ability to deliver services.  Improve the quality of life for taxpayers. Hiring the right people,  measuring performance and rewarding the right outcomes are critical components of infrastructure. 
Updating job descriptions, utilizing specialized recruiters to fill critical positions, and developing a performance management framework that recognizes and rewards getting results, community focus, leadership, as well as taking initiative are a few of the infrastucture projects I have worked on during my term at Town Council. 
Providing Services Taxpayers Want and Need
In two short years Town Council has approved the Library renovation, bonds for an ambitious Roads Program, and funding to enhance the safety at Lynn Demming Park. We've done that by listening to taxpayers and working together as a Town Council.
We've also supported a number of committees and funded studies which will help shape the strategic direction of our community.  I have personally worked with both the Riverfront Revitalization Committee and the Bike and River Trail II Committee, lending my expertise as a consultant and my background in market research.