Former Employers and Clients Include:

  • DuPont

  • Kendro Laboratory Products

  • Conoco Phillips

  • Thermo Fisher Scientific


  • Perkin Elmer

  • Prudential Annuities

  • Alcatel Lucent

  • Pall Life Sciences

  • Discover

  • Corning Optical

Lisa Hida  


As a former corporate executive, I bring close to 30 years’ experience in listening to customers, uncovering what they needed and wanted, driving consensus with my business teams on developing solutions, and evaluating the financial impact of those decisions.  I have done what I have promised; putting those skills to use in our town’s government today.  I have been listening to resident’s concerns and priorities, helping them understand the trade-offs and tax implications for different choices, and building consensus across parties.  

Two years has gone by quickly.  Some of what I have accomplished is visible – my critical thought process on budgets, supporting bonding for sorely needed road reconstruction and revitalizing our library, and updating job descriptions (as part of the Job Description Committee) to enhance the hiring process.  And some accomplishments maybe not so visible – crafting a search for a new Economic Development Director, creating a performance management framework both for professionals in our Town and for the volunteers on our committees, and holding consultants to the highest standards for the work they have been contracted to do.

I am an advocate for preserving and building on what makes New Milford special – a vibrant Village Green, a rural look and feel that attract visitors, and a great mix of young families and seniors.  


While I was not re-elected toTown Council, I will continue to fight for responsible investment in our community as a volunteer and advisor.  Focusing on well thought out new projects that help ensure the long term financial health of our town.